The Double Down

You donate. We match. Nature wins twice.

Patagonia pledges 1% of sales annually to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. Since 1985 that has totalled over $74 million in cash and kind to small, grassroots environmental groups all over the world. In Australia, Patagonia is asking you to donate alongside us to help fund six key environmental projects. The Double Down campaign will see each dollar you donate to any of these projects matched by Patagonia up to a total of $50,000.

South West Marine
Debris Cleanup

Tasmania’s Southwest Wilderness area is one of the world’s last great tracts of pristine wilderness. The convergence of three ocean currents however carries marine debris, flotsam, rubbish and plastics from all around the world and deposits it onto the Southwest’s beaches. With no roads into the area, the Marine Debris Cleanup crew have boated into the area with local fishermen annually since 1999 to collect, study and recycle the rubbish. Help them raise funds to send extra boats on next year’s clean up.

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Australian Marine
Conservation Society

The Great Barrier Reef recently experienced a record coral bleaching episode, with almost a quarter of the reef’s coral destroyed from the combined effects of rising ocean temperatures, agricultural run-off and a suite of other impacts. The World Heritage Committee last year put the Australian Federal Government on notice that it was considering listing the reef as endangered. Help AMCS raise funds to send a delegation of scientists, local stakeholders and reef advocates to the 2017 WHC meeting in Poland to give the reef an independent voice on the world stage.

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3000 Acres

The ideas of community gardens and urban agriculture are gaining hold, as blending urban space with green space not only creates oases in a concrete jungle, not only produces food, but brings communities together. 3000 Acres works in Melbourne to help unlock public and private land and turn it into working gardens for the people of Melbourne. Help them build community gardens in Melbourne.

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Lock The Gate

The area surrounding Margaret River in the far southwest of Australia is world renowned for its unique mix of great surf, vineyards and farms, and its natural landscapes. The area however, like much of Australia, is under threat from encroaching unconventional gas exploration, which threatens the area’s waterways and underground aquifers. The Lock The Gate Coalition is raising funds to inform, unite, and mobilise the local communities in the area and help protect a unique corner of Australia.

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Project Clean Uluwatu

Uluwatu has been a holy place for the Balinese for centuries, and since the early ‘70s has become an iconic location for surfers. Its booming popularity however has placed huge development pressure on the area, and with no environmental controls in place, hard rubbish and leaking effluent have flushed down from the cliffs above and into the Uluwatu’s fabled waters. Project Clean Uluwatu was founded by expat surfers, and now needs your help to facilitate the handover of the group’s work to the Uluwatu locals.

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For 60,000 years, Australia’s traditional owners managed the delicate balance of the Australian environment, but what does that care of country look like in a modern context? Seed is Australia’s first indigenous youth climate network, protecting country and culture against the effects of climate change and fossil fuel extraction, fighting for climate justice and a sustainable future for young indigenous Australians. Help them send young people into remote communities in the Northern Territory to spread the word.

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